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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Woes...

Just as it all seems to be getting better, something like this happens...

We went out with my sister yesterday to look at a piece of property she is considering. M decided to explore off trail, and ended up falling off a 10-14' embankment. He broke his radius close to the wrist, and the broken bone lifted up and jammed into the wrist, fracturing that. Thankfully my mom took the kids so I could focus on him for the 6.5 hours at the ER. He's splinted up, sleeping at the moment (pain meds are helping with that). He'll be having surgery later this week to attach a metal rod with screws to his arm, possibly getting a metal plate in his wrist, and they said something about a possible bone graft.

This is problematical in a couple of ways... one - we're having to apply for state disability. Looking at all the guides and calculations, it looks like he'll be getting approximately the same amount as he was bringing home when he still paid child support. Not a huge issue, except that we're taking over house payments in full soon, and while I have my job still, I am off for the month of July. Two - we have to apply for state aid for the surgery, consults, etc. as well.

I am not looking forward to all this paperwork, and then waiting to find out if we'll get it or not. Nor am I looking forward to the recovery from all this. I know M is in a lot of pain already - how will it be after the surgery? I know we'll make it through, even if we end up making payments to the orthopedic surgeon forever. I am just a bit tired of all these bumps in the road!

Hope your Tuesday is better than mine! I'll stop whining now, and just remember to be grateful that he isn't hurt more, and that we even have the option to apply for help from the state!


  1. Anonymous1:33 PM


    I can totally empathize with M. Broke my arm on a car (well, the car was moving at the time), so I know what it feels like. Surgery, though? Never been through that! Keeping him in my thoughts and hoping he heals soon.

    Yeah, the income change definitely sucks. So does all that paperwork. I'm glad things worked out and you still have your job. Here's hoping July and beyond turns out much better, and everything works out.

  2. Oh nooooo! Time for some deep, deeeep breaths. Maybe some soothing tea? Calming music? There's a lot on your plate right now. Luckily, the kidlets are old enough for you not to have to manage too many details for them while you sort out the many you're encountering for M. Be good to yourself, too. Let your community know how we can help you!!

  3. Ouch. I'm sorry to hear about the injury and what it means for the finances. I send you healing thoughts.

  4. Oh no! I am so sorry.

  5. So sorry:(. We had a broken bone experience with my oldest at the end of last summer- she broke her ankle in 2 places and was on crutches for what felt like forever. No fun at all. I will say though, after they set it and put it in a cast she didn't have any pain at all- but it's definitely a pain to get used to not being able to move around like you are used to. Hang in there.

  6. Hope you guys are doing OK, and this whirlwind of crazy events calms down for you soon!


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