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Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekly Report... Summer Week 2...

We're still being lazy, definitely in summer-mode! The weather has been gorgeous lately - clear, deep turquoise skies, lots of warm sunshine, evenings staying light longer... my only complaint about this is that it makes it harder to get the kids to go to bed on time, since they do still have to get up in the mornings through June.

What We've Been Up To...

Swimming/playing in our pool (a smallish above ground one, good enough for splashing around in on warmer days!)

Listening to more of Peter Pan, and watching every version of the movie we can find.

Reading Native American stories, and about their ways of living; Treasure Island (we'll watch both versions of the movie when we finish the book); Children of Green Knowe; more of An Ordinary Princess; and a bit of Swallows and Amazons. The Boy is still reading The Son of Neptune, along with various books concerning Henry Ford and cars. The Girl is slowly working her way through some Dr. Suess books. I think at this point, one of the major roadblocks in her reading ability is that she has no confidence that she can do it. I am trying to help her see otherwise.

The Girl has fallen in love with old Brady Bunch episodes, and The Waltons this summer. Too funny! I'm better with her watching these shows than a lot of the tween garbage that is out there today. Besides, I loved the Brady Bunch growing up!

The Boy continues to work on computer animation, piano lessons, model building, drawing, and so forth.

And there have been plenty of popsicles...

We captured some mosquito larvae this week, and the kids are watching and charting their growth cycle. Next week, I hope to start reading The Story Book of Science to them again. I also came across an intriguing book called Life in a Bucket of Soil, which I may add in this fall. I have Donald Silver's Amazing Earth Model Book, which has a fantastic underground scroll art project that would match up nicely with the Bucket of Soil book!

Next week will also involve more reading on The Girl's part. Hopefully, she will soon understand, and believe, that she does have the tools to be a reader. Confidence is what we need!

Hope everyone out there had a good week too. Drop by Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers for more Weekly Wrap-ups later today. And she has a giveaway going on!


  1. I wouldn't even KNOW what to look for to find mosquito larvae. And we're all highly allergic. I hope you'll post lots of pictures so we kind learn through your adventures- without the bites!

  2. I remember once when Benjamin was just little (like, two or three) I had this genius idea to study pond like -- I read somewhere that we should scoop a glob of mud out of a pond and bring it inside to "study" the life forms there. THAT is when I learned about mosquito larvae! :)

    Have fun!!!

  3. Oh, I hope Cassia gains reading self-confidence! My youngest struggles with reading confidence too. It's been a huge struggle for him to learn to read, but he's doing wonderfully. He doesn't like when he misses a word though and gets frustrated. Slow and steady, right?

    Sounds like you're enjoying summer!

  4. We have some Brady Bunch fans here too - also my 4 year old's favourite show is Gilligan's Island. I'll have to try them out on I Dream of Jeannie, if I can get hold of it.

    I'd be more than happy to send you a large amount of mosquito larvae if you'd like a sampler. There are more than 30 varieties in our city. :)

  5. Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but if your kids are loving Peter Pan you really need to read the Peter and the Starcatchers series of books. Fascinating take on how Peter Pan came to be and all the other characters from the original story.

  6. I love your Earth Science book recommendations. I just added those to my shopping cart.
    What a great week!


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