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Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Follow-up... Science This Week...

Pictures from our recent trip to the California Academy of Sciences

 We always think of Night at the Museum when we see this guy!

Waiting for the 3D dinosaur film

I think manta rays are one of absolute most fascinating creatures ever!

And yes, I have a thing for giraffes.

A traditional tule reed boat, made in the Coast Miwok style

Intrigued by a pitcher plant display

The Girl fondly remembers the stink flower from last time!

Cool little creatures hiding under a rock

And of course we always love penguins!

The biggest egg here is from the now extinct elephant bird (see skeleton below)

A happy girl!

Cool fossils and skulls abounded

And a happy boy!

Wish this one had opened up - the other side of the wings were a vibrant blue

We also...
felt the tremors in a hands-on earthquake exhibit
watched a movie on earthquakes in the Planetarium
watched the penguins have lunch
checked out a lot of fish, sea creatures, fossils, and more!

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  1. Love Night at the Museum...Lucky you with your "own" Rexie! Looks like you have an awesome museum to explore.


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