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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Thoughts... Falling into Place...

It is so nice when you finally find THE books that make it work.

I bought (hanging head in embarrassment) a third copy of K12's Human Odyssey  Yes, I have bought and resold it twice before, and yes, you'd think I would have learned the first two times I did this. I read chapter one to the kids. They were okay with it. Then I broke out The Early Human World (Oxford University Press) to read one supplementary chapter, one. And was promptly met by demands to read more, and then some more... we ended up reading four chapters! And the kids love it - they were totally engaged the whole time--asking questions, making comments, wondering when we would read about Austrolopithicus afarensis as opposed to homo heidelbergensis, etc.!

Methinks I found our history text! And only, oh... eight weeks into our school year. Grrr.

Same for science. We've tried topical books, Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding, and Elemental Science's Logic Stage Biology, without a lot of success. What did I find that is working? How Nature Works, a fabulous book by David Burnie. Simple, clear explanations AND lots of hands-on, AND it covers all the parts of biology I wanted to cover!

Now that homeschooling is at last falling into place for the year, it would be nice if some other parts of life would follow suit. Small things like unemployment pay, housework, etc.

Note to self: Get all the pictures from our busy, busy week (last week) OFF the camera and onto the computer!

Hope everyone's weeks are going well! I look forward to writing a weekly report tomorrow.

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