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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Thoughts... Rambling Along...

Just some bits and pieces!

The Boy and I decided yesterday to just dive into Life of Fred Fractions. In retrospect, I don't know why we've waited so long! I realized that while he's not entirely comfortable with long division yet, we can go ahead with LOF and add in extra work from Math Mammoth or another source when we need to. We had so much fun with it!

I did decide I'd love to get a copy of Kitchen Table Math Book 2, and then likely book 3. I very much liked the sample pages (available here), and I think this would be an extremely useful resource. I am also considering a combo of LOF and the Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) when The Boy reaches the prealgebra stage.

History is finally happening at our house! We've read from both Builders of the Old World AND The Rainbow Book of American History this week, and the kids have worked on their Books of Centuries quite happily.

Plans for today include some hands-on science, some reading about energy and particles, and I am really hoping to take a family walk at the nearby wetlands area. There will also be math, phonics/spelling, and some writing going on.

Plans for the weekend include THE BIG MOVE. Yes, our kids will have their own rooms after this weekend, we hope! It will be a lot of work... move everything from M's and my old room into new room, steam clean old room, move The Girl across the hall into the old room, and clean and reorganize The Boy's room. Phew! I am tired just thinking about it!

I am moving through my giant lit list slowly. Finished Chaucer and Spenser, and am now moving into Shakespeare.  Believe me, after a month of Chaucer and Spenser, Shakespeare is easy going!

We read the story of the Canterville Ghost yesterday (in this book), and then watched the Patrick Stewart version of the movie. Not fantastic, but not that bad either. And we started The Graveyard Book... nice and spooky!

And just for fun, some scooter-ing pictures (and yes, I am aware that they are not wearing helmets. Bad Mommy.)...

Scooting the mile to the park

A nice little slope, good for coasting

So fast he's a blur!
Another week almost gone. At least the weather seems to be cooling off - it has been a week of temperatures in the upper nineties to lower hundreds, all wrong for fall! I was quite relieved this morning to see heavily overcast skies--The Boy and I are hoping for rain soon!

Have a good Thursday!

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  1. I'm getting tired just thinking about all the moving and cleaning!

    We are big LOF fans here, too. K loved them when he was doing high school. M will be doing Fractions and Pre-Algebra with Biology as supplements over the next year. I just have to wait until my sister in law returns them - my nephew has been enjoying them too.


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