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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In the Garden...

It has been beautiful here lately, so I've been weeding, planting, and coaxing my garden along...

 My abutilon is blooming like mad! The Girl says they look like fairy lanterns.

Speaking of The Girl, her geranium is coming back nicely from a winter's rest!

Here's the heather I planted recently. I think I need to learn more abut their care, because while the blooms are still fantastic, the greenery looks a little dried out. And yes, I water them regularly. Maybe too much?

And the volunteer poppies have made their return. Isn't my state flower a pretty one?

Lavender everywhere!

The first spring bloom from my pink columbine. Still waiting on the blue one.

We have lots of red valerian this year too, another volunteer plant!

The sage flowers are one of my favorite colors in the garden right now!

Math in the apple tree is always fun! We took homeschooling outside yesterday, as the weather is gorgeous! (In the 80's here)

 Finishing up math inside, when his allergies acted up. We're trying something new with him, so let's hope it works!


  1. We made it into the 70s today, and I thought that was warm - the 80s look much more glorious.

    Good luck with the new allergy treatment. Allergies are the worst part of spring.

  2. And here I was thinking it was great because we finally have crocuses! :) Your garden flowers look beautiful, and we're going to miss the planting season this year...no point in planting new ones here and too late to plant when we move. I'll miss my lavender most of all, I think.

  3. Gorgeous, Gillian!!

    It's brrr here -- still only in the low 60s. In fact, we had a fire in the pit last night! And, cocoa! LOL

  4. Envious of the beautiful flowers! The snow has finally melted here in the past couple days, and it was 70 F yesterday. My hope is restored that I'll have some of those garden flowers soon,too!


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