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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Upgrading the Afternoon Basket...

Our use of our Afternoon Basket seems to be waning a bit lately--it feels almost a bit stale since we've been focusing much of it outside the range I wanted to focus on this year (i.e. too many add-ons to history and science, not enough good literature).

I have plans now to refresh it, to change it up a bit to more closely align with what I am trying to impart to the kids, and to simplify. I want to rotate books through it a little better as well, so with that said, here is what I am thinking:

Geographical explorations with Richard Halliburton's Complete Book of Marvels

Shakespeare with Tales From Shakespeare (I have a bit more time for everything on Mondays, and these stories are a little on the longer side, and more complex)

Nature reading, which for now will be My Life with the Chimpanzees

Fairy tales -- we're reading through The Scottish Fairy Tale Book at the moment

Poetry with The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems and (because we have more time on Thusdays) Greek mythology with Hawthorne's A Wonder Book for Boys & Girls in preparation for next fall's lit studies.

So, each day we'll start with a reading from the Afternoon Basket, and then we'll move into our basics studies, then read about history, finish off basics, and wrap it all up with science:

History: Sundays - a chapter from K12's Human Odyssey; Monday through Thursday - a chapter from a good book or a short story to go with our current historical focus

Monday - reading from You Are the Earth; Tuesday - a secondary reading to go with Monday, or an appropriate documentary; Wednesday - reading from Dr. Art's Guide to Science; Thursday - supplemental reading for Wednesday's work and a hands-on project to go with one or the other of our main source books.After doing some soul searching and reading of old threads (homeschool forum), I think we're going to take a break from formal science to do some simple nature studies and gardening. I have The Handbook of Nature Study, and we can continue watching the Life series. Additionally, I really want to do the bean sprouting project! We may still do some reading from You Are the Earth since the next chapter is about soil, and has a good sprouting project as well, OR we may read a chapter each day from The Storybook of Science, since we never finished it, but I think we'll skip the rest of what I had listed above for now.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I like the way you have a different day for different reading topics. I think I am going to use that next year to organize our reading aloud.

  2. I will reply to your e-mail soon...but in the meantime:

    I like the idea of freshening up your afternoon basket!

    Do you find poetry awkward? I'm an English ed major (too!) but sharing poetry w/ Benjamin always seems so goofy when I do it. :(

    *We can chat about that via e-mail!


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