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Monday, April 15, 2013

Is It Really Monday Again Already?

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How time flies!

Another weekend come and gone... and a busy one at that.

On Saturday, The Boy fenced in his second in-house tournament...

While he didn't even come close to winning as he was going up against kids with a lot more experience, he really enjoyed the tournament! He got some great one-on-one advice from the coaches, and quite a compliment, when the head coach told us that he wished all his students were as mature as The Boy about enjoying themselves versus simply getting points.

The Boy has also decided that it is time to step up his training a bit! So instead of 4 sessions per month, we'll be aiming for 6, and eventually 8.

Then on Sunday, The Girl skated for a fundraiser. She raised $80 in just two days for the Center for Well Being. She skated fast and hard, and was worn out by the time we got home!

We also nearly finished weeding the front borders, and tore out some of the dusty old beige carpeting in the house (just the hallway so far), to reveal the hardwood underneath. It does need refinishing, but honestly, I'd rather live with hardwood floor that needs a little tlc than nasty old wall-to-wall carpeting!

On the agenda this week:
~ Taking my dad to a dr's appointment today
~ More gardening
~ Maybe, just maybe, tearing out more carpeting!
~ And of course, homeschooling! Which will include:
     * Finishing up Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, and another chapter in K12's Human Odyssey
     * Saxon Math 6/5 tests for The Boy
     * Some clock review for The Girl (I just realized this weekend that she is still having a little trouble with
        telling time, so we'll use Math Mammoth for this)
     * Reading Horizons for The Girl: finish chapter 1, start chapter 2
     * Work with The Complete Writer (summary narrations, copy work, dictation) for both
     * Another chapter in You Are the Earth; start sprouting experiments/projects
     * And back to BFSU this week! We'll be studying energy (threads C-1, C-3)
     * Literature: more of The Wonder Book (Greek myths); Linnets & Valerians; start Harry Potter
        & the Sorcerer's Stone at bedtime; finish Ramona the Pest; maybe another Shakespeare story;
        and definitely poetry this week with The Arrow Poetry Guide

Hope you all have a good week!


  1. Wow! Great job, Cyrus and Cassia!

  2. Well done to all of you! Taking up carpet is dusty, sweaty, miserable work but totally worth it.


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