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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting Started on Wrapping It Up...

We are nearing the end of this school year, with 6 weeks (not including the rest of this week) to go before our summer break. We're wrapping a few things up, starting--and hopefully finishing--a few things, and looking forward to some field trips, swimming with friends, and all the joy that summer brings!

Finishing Up:
The Trumpet of the Swan
The Early Days of Automobiles
Life in a Bucket of Soil
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone

Starting AND Finishing Up:
Cheaper by the Dozen
A Little History of the World, concurrently with A Little History of Science  
(Note: the kids will be making lists of things - events, people, etc. - that intrigue them along the way, so that we have topics to explore this fall IF we don't do American history, but go instead with interest-led)

Slogging Along:
Elson Readers: Primer, with the Teacher Guide/Workbook (The Girl)

Writing Skills, for The Boy
Reading Horizons, for The Girl. She wants to finish this up before the end of summer, if not sooner!

Still Figuring Out:
The Boy has decided on Teaching Textbooks for the fall. We'll be doing some moderately intensive work on multiplication, division, fractions and decimals with Math Mammoth's Blue series.

The Girl will continue working in Saxon.

How about you? Are you wrapping things up for the year?


  1. We are very close to wrapping things up in science, history, spelling and math. Grammar wrapped up a few weeks ago. Trouble is, the closer we are to being done, the less they want to work!

  2. Ha! We're actually in the process of a total overhaul! I owe you an e-mail...so we can chat! :)


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