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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tools in Art...

We actually took this field trip a couple of weeks or so ago, and it has taken me this long to take the pictures off my camera (hanging head in shame). We visited the local museum, for their Tools in Art exhibit, which turned out to be pretty cool!

 An interesting use for hammers!

 I loved this boat made of polished wood and rusty old tools!

 Some very old tools

This was a really intricate little diorama of the tool store behind the art exhibit. It turns out this all started with tool art commissioned a few decades ago to boost interest in the hardware store featured here!

 Enjoying the gallery and exhibitions

3D art created with various nails through metal

 A school of "fishes" (wrenches)

 One of my personal favorites as far as the pieces went

Reminds me of a Gary Larson cartoon!

We also got to complete an art project of our own downstairs, that involved tracing tools and making something of the outlines... lots of crayons and pens were involved.  And we went upstairs to look at the history of mail exhibit, which I found fascinating, the kids not quite as much (all WWI, WWII, and other war mail). It was a nice little field trip, and definitely whetted our appetite for more!

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  1. That is really unique! I would have enjoyed the history of mail exhibit, too. Was there Pony Express stuff?


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