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Monday, May 20, 2013

MY Summer Plans...

I do have some goals for myself, mainly reading/re-reading, now that I am done with the classes I was taking, and have graded my last stack of papers until fall.

First, reading-related goals...

Goal One:
Re-read The Writer's Jungle and the Brave Writer Lifestyle Articles, and decide if we really need Writing With Ease and Writing With Skill (for what it is worth, The Boy says he'd rather have me teach him than a book do the work). My issue is, BW looks like more "fun" and it would give me a chance to use some of the stuff I have laying about the house, while WWS looks very thorough. I also want to research more about the Elson Readers and the accompanying Teacher Guides/Workbooks for The Girl.

Goal Two:
Finish re-reading Charlotte Mason's Home Education

Goal Three:
Read at least 4-6 books/assigned readings from my gigantic college reading list

And then non-reading-related goals...

Goal One:
Finish taking all the carpeting out of the house

Goal Two:
Clean out the garage

Goal Three:
Get everything set for homeschooling again in mid-August, which includes ordering any supplies (not much thankfully), cleaning out and organizing bookshelves, and getting the rest of the house nicely organized

Goal Four:
Take the kids on some fun field trips!!

Thankfully, I have 5 weeks off from work to help me accomplish all this. Of course, during that five weeks off, we'll also be heading to the beach a few times, going swimming with friends, maybe get in a couple of long weekends of camping.... I am really looking forward to it!

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  1. Those are some ambitious plans! Good luck!


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