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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chugging along....

We're delighting in Cheaper by the Dozen. The kids are fascinated with the time saving ideas posited in the book, and so they spent some puppy-sitting money they had earned on new watches, watches that have stopwatch capacities. And they are timing everything! The Girl informed me that it took us (her and I) 13 minutes and 49 seconds to make breakfast, and that it then took her 17 minutes and 54 seconds to eat it.

And naturally, The Boy chose a big, burly looking watch...

The weather has been strangely cool lately. We had temperatures in the upper nineties, and yes, up into the low one hundreds, for a week or so, and then  the fog started rolling in every morning. Most days now we hit the low eighties, though looking ahead, it might be hotter again next week. I'd like that, so we can enjoy the beach a few more times before my summer break is over! I also really want to get out to the redwoods for a day, maybe next week, or even over the weekend.

What else are we up to? The Girl is working on a fairy house in the backyard. She's been writing more little stories, and insists on making my grocery lists. She's been playing Thread Words a lot on my Kindle, though she never gets much past the first couple of levels... yet. The Boy is still reading Leviathin, and he makes sketches of potential Steampunk projects, and he's doing research for a story/book he wants to write. I'm thinning out my homechooling related books - we have so many that I'll never use! Still getting rid of stuff, purging. Oh, and today we need to clean out the guinea pig cages - what fun! We're through the first season of Once Upon a Time (really good show!), and into the second season of Eureka. We started watching Merlin again too. M is loving his cooking classes, and is looking forward to the fall semester. I'm trying to decide if I want to take French or Spanish for my MA. I like French (took a couple of years of it in high school many years ago), but I know Spanish would be more useful.

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