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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Fourth...

We spent most of our Fourth at the beach, specifically Heart's Desire on Tomales Bay. It was lovely - just hot enough to swim a lot, but not so hot it was overwhelming. We knew it was going to be a good day when we got there, around 11 am, to see a long line of cars ahead of us, waiting to pay the parking fee. We whipped out our parks pass, and the ranger very kindly directed us around the traffic, toward the parking lot... I've never seen so many dirty looks from other drivers before! We also hiked around a little bit--we followed the shoreline up the coast for maybe half a mile or so to another beach, then took the trail over the top of the cliffs back. We visited Indian Beach as well, and talked about how the Miwok Indians would have lived hundreds of years ago.

In the evening, we headed to a friend's house for dinner and then downtown to watch the fireworks show. Unfortunately, this was the least exciting show we've seen in years, too short, and not nearly as extravagant as in past years. We're wondering if perhaps we should check out the San Francisco fireworks display next year? If it isn't foggy, we could even watch it from the Golden Gate Bridge. We have a year to figure it out though, so we'll see!

Besides all that, it has been a good week. We took this week officially off from schooling, just reading a little in a few of our current books. Next week, we'll add back in a little Khan Academy and Reading Horizons. We'll also be launching "Operation Overhaul" on the house!

The Girl and I also started a free boot camp fitness class this week! It meets three times a week, for four weeks. As we both struggle with weight at the moment (and I really don't want her growing up bearing that burden), I thought this would be a good launching point for getting her more aware of her activity level and nutrition. She's been very excited about it, even though I'll be the first to say it can get really hard! Add that to swimming twice this week, light hiking, and her roller derby, and she's had a very active week!

Hope everyone had a good week, and a happy and safe Fourth!

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