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Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Musings... It's Going Too Fast!

My summer break that is. Naturally, we haven't gotten half the stuff I wanted to done! Still, it's nice to get the chance to relax.

Outside My Window & In The Garden...
The sun is shining again! After being largely blanketed by fog for a while, at least until noon each day, we're back up to temperatures in the mid 80's every day. Our corn is about 4 feet tall now, and we have tons of tomatoes ripening on a near daily basis. The basil is humungous! Last night I picked a huge bunch of chard (Rainbow Lights, very pretty!), and sauteed it with some shallots. The kids weren't sure at first, but once they tasted it, they sure gobbled it down!

Around the House...
I still have lots to do in my Operation Overhaul. I had better get to it! I head back to work August 12th, and I want the house clean, tidy, and a lot less cluttered before then.

In the Kitchen...
M is grilling a lot these days, and we're eating a lot of salads and grilled veggies. I do need to start planning out menus more, and being more careful with grocery shopping on our ever tighter budget (they lowered M's unemployment).

This Week...
I thought I might try piggybacking on the current dinosaur craze in the house! The Girl and I have just about finished The Garden Princess, and I think we'll read The Dragon in the Cliff next. The kids are interested in a comparison between the Dinotopia book and miniseries. I did reserve Dinosaur Bone War: Cope & March's Fossil Feud, but am not sure yet if we'll actually read it, since that might make summer "school" too much!

I also want to finish Cheaper by the Dozen in the next week or two, and then try out Gone Away Lake.

We really want to go swimming this week, at the coast, or the river,while the weather is so nice! I need to deadhead the front yard too. The fog/sun combo did a number on my poor hydrangeas, and they look dreadful.

Miscellaneous Notes...
M finishes up his summer classes in another two weeks, then has (I think) two weeks off before the fall semester begins. I head back to school myself in late August. I still haven't decided if I am taking a language this fall, and if I do, whether it will be French or Spanish. I am making my midget list of things to be purchased for homeschooling, and thankfully, I can buy in increments, though I do want some Main Lesson Books! There are a few other must-haves on the list to get before September, but not much... maybe some watercolor supplies (we really want to try wet-on-wet watercolors!), and some new crayons. Oh, and we will need some woodworking/carpentry supplies, mainly some project wood. Although it might help if we decided first what it is they want to build! Hmm, maybe I should get this book, or this one, from the library!

Hope you all have a good week!

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  1. Michael is teaching a Drawing I class this semester (in the evenings)...his inservice day is August 12th, so we are sort of feeling the same "running-out-of-time" anxiety! :(


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