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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Relaxation in the Redwoods...

Yesterday we took a much needed break, and headed way out to a favorite park... Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve.We hiked probably about 3 miles, half of it uphill of course!

Enjoying the interior of a tree

Beautiful redwoods (Coast variety, if you are wondering)

A redwood with a nose!

A brief break along the way. Notice the cute headband she made for herself out of the neck section of an outgrown turtleneck shirt!

Hiking is thirsty work!

I love the sunlight coming through the trees! This is in the higher elevations, where the redwoods give way to oak, manzanita, and madrone.

It was an afternoon of much-needed outdoor beauty, away from everything. Next time though, we need to head out earlier so we can make it all the way to the Bullfrog Pond and back!

Around the House...
The Girl has been re-watching the Walking With series, and so we're breaking out some Landmark and All About books for the next couple of weeks, namely Prehistoric America and All About Dinosaurs. She's written two more stories in the last two days, and she's been doing some self-guided crafts (see the headband picture above!).

The Boy and a friend are running a "who can spot the ugliest car" contest through email, so The Boy is working on his photography skills. I'm also actually looking at a couple of lapbooking automobile studies for him (such as this one), since he loves the idea of lapbooking -- all those fold-out bits and pieces, etc., which remind him of his favorite Ologies books.

Right now, as I waver, forever apparently, back and forth in how to approach homeschooling this fall, I am simply trying to find productive/creative outlets for what the kids are interested in.


  1. I loved that place! I only got to visit once but it had quite an impact on me.

  2. Very cool, I have never seen a redwood but it is on my list:)


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