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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ahhh... Experimenting...

I am experimenting, on my children to be exact.

This week, we tried Option A when it came to homeschooling. There were pros and cons to this...

The basics have gone really well! The Boy is enjoying Write With the Best, and both loved Hot Fudge Monday for grammar. The Girl is happy to have her Saxon Math at hand again (strange child). We enjoyed a few chapters from the Story of the World (audio book with Jim Weiss, who strikes us as the American version of Jim Dale, one of our all time favorite narrators!); The Girl had a pleasant nature study; etc. [More details and pictures tomorrow] I did have The Boy start some review work from Math Mammoth on long division, so he hasn't gotten far in Saxon Math this week, but that's okay too.

We feel like we're jumping around a lot. And The Boy has said, with The Girl emphatically agreeing, that our days seem long. I think maybe we have too much going on! Probably no maybe about it... we do have a lot going on.

So, the experiment
Next week we're going to switch gears, and try out Option B. Just the basics and a study of ancient India. Nothing else. No extra reading, no actual science. The Girl was browsing through the stack of books on ancient India that I had picked up at the library "just in case", and is eager to get going. The Boy wants "things to be simpler". It'll be an interesting contrast to this week!

I'll do the full weekly report tomorrow, with some pictures, I hope. We have accomplished a lot this week, but maybe next week will feel calmer and less rushed.


  1. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll find just the right combination for the kids. Goodness knows it can be tricky sometimes. :)

  2. I am following this with interest, as I really want our schooling to become more interest-led as the kids get older. Of course, that means my daughter announced today that she wants to go back to PS next year. The best-laid plans......

  3. Isn't it always an ongoing experiment? LOL

    We're getting started on 9/16 -- right now I am recovering from the flu (which thankfully arrived the day AFTER we returned home from the beach)!


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