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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Focus on The Boy...

We have started seventh grade! I can hardly believe it is going by so darn quickly. From this...

To this, in what seems sometimes like the blink of an eye...

So, just a couple of days into seventh grade, what and how are we doing, you might ask! And I'll answer, so far, so good! He's very willing to sit down and get some work done this year, at least thus far--here's to hoping that lasts!

He seems more independent this year, or at least ready to be independent. Yesterday, I asked him to read a selection from Write With the Best. He finished it, re-read it, then asked for more. We discussed what he had read, read the three rules of writing the program asks for, and discussed those. I love being able to discuss things with him in this manner! He worked through his spelling and math with very little assistance/interference too.

He'll be doing physics this year as an "independent" study. After some flipping back and forth through various books and resources, he'll be reading through and working from The New Way Things Work. Our library has the dvds that compliment it, which will be very helpful. And he's looking forward to using his lab book soon!

As for math, we decided to stick with good, old, trustworthy Saxon, at least for now. We'll still be working in some Jousting Armadillos this year as well!

As far as following his interests, he still reads... a lot, especially anything Steampunk or mythology oriented. He's watching documentaries on physics/quantum physics/space at least once a week. He's researching Victorian attire in preparation for the Dickens Faire this year. He works on animation programs, computer coding programs, filming/editing, and always art. He loves his twice weekly fencing classes as well, and has asked his dad for help with an exercise program to build muscle.

Oh, and he's taller than me. But he'll still sit in my lap once in a while!

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