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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits... Planning & A Book...

Homeschooling Agenda This Week...

Read aloud another chapter or two from Our Island Story
Listen to 2-4 chapters from The Story of the World

The Girl: nature observation & journal entry; a chapter from Life in a Bucket of Soil; 2-3 chapters from The Story of Dr. Doolittle; and she'll choose a documentary, probably something on animals, to watch on Thursday
The Boy: a project from Stop Faking It! Force & Motion; 2-3 sections from The New Way Things Work, along with entries in his science MLB; documentary of his choice

I'd like to start reading The Story of Siegfried, by James Baldwin (from this list I made), and we should finish up The Princess Bride.
As far as rotational literature, we'll be reading from The Complete Book of Marvels; Nonsense & Common Sense: A Child's Book of Victorian Verse; and A Really Short History of Nearly Everything. Next week, I'll add back in mathematical stories, and philosophy.

Of course, we're doing math, reading, spelling, writing, and Latin.

Then there's my sort of writing project. The idea came from a homeschooling message board... someone said they wished there was a book on using Charlotte Mason's methods with MODERN books and the like.

I feel very inspired! So I am drafting a rough outline in my "spare" time. It will be secular, and will address many of the ideas CM wrote about, but updated for the modern family. IF I get it written, and then published... well, we'll see. This means too that I am re-reading much of the original series, and making copious notes. This may take me a while!

Hope your week is off to a good start!

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  1. Oh Doctor Doolittle! Perfect! Ds is doing a zoology block this year and I was stumped on a read aloud for him!

    Good luck with your writing project, what a huge undertaking, though I am sure it would be well received. Good luck finding that "spare time" :)


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