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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's That Time of Year...

Homeschool forums are humming with posts on "what we'll use next year", and yes, I am guilty of thinking ahead (code for over-planning once again). I am trying to shift away from this frantic, must-have-everything-in-place mentality, and so I am reading new blog posts, and revisiting others, that help me calm down and focus on what really matters, my kids.

First, one that is new to me...

Paradigm shift: Curriculum is not something you buy

A few comments I have read about this particular article slant toward the author advocating ditching school at the drop of a hat. I didn't get that message. Instead I got the idea that there needs to be a balance between academic and non-academic learning, and that the books we buy shouldn't be the master of our homeschooling.

And then a few "oldies but goodies"...

About Those Dreaded Gaps, What You "Should" Know, and Tidal Homeschooling.

I need to remember, especially when all the "planning" comes up, to remember to focus instead on goals, and then on what tools we will use to get there, instead of the other way around.


  1. It seems bizarre to me that I'm *not* planning this year, since in all likelihood at least one child will go to public school this fall. I keep fighting urges to go buy the next book in all the series that we're currently using. It's going to be interesting. Hope you can find what works/fits for you guys :)

  2. I will be honest with you, Gillian...this has been the first year I did *not* purchase all sorts of books and plan everything down to the minute and if I was being honest (not simply trying to fit into anyone's trendy mold), I would say this has been the most successful year we've had since beginning home schooling.

    The overall atmosphere feels like unschooling. It's funny, because when I called myself an 'unschooler' I felt like everything BUT an unschooler. I'm not sure what has happened. As you know, I re-wrote our curriculum. I base it all on history -- it is designed to progress through time (it's literally based on timelines). Maybe that is why it feels *right;* it is based on what he loves -- history.

    Think about this past year -- think about what worked and what didn't. Think about where you are headed -- what do your kids want to do/learn. And the best advice I can give you is: stop reading other people's plans. I wasted too many years worrying about what I was doing versus what other people are doing. You'll figure it out. E-mail me if you need to vent! ;)


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