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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wet Wednesday... The Rain Has Returned!

I was thrilled last night when I heard raindrops on the roof, and thrilled again when I woke this morning to a sky that looked like this   -------------->

And I am thrilled that it is supposed to rain all the rest of this week!

Of course, the excitement is because of this...

This is Folsom Lake, one of the reservoirs in northern California. Not looking too good, is it? You can see more pictures of what the lack of rain is doing to our state's lakes/reservoirs here. So yes, a week's worth of rain, off and on, is very, very good news.

This has been a jam-packed week so far. On Monday, I took my dad to his doctor's appointment--a follow-up with his cardiologist--and then to the pharmacy, and then The Boy went to fencing.

[Side-note: The Boy was invited, on Monday, by his coach to try the more advanced épée work. He accepted the challenge quite happily (ear-to-ear grin!), and went off for some personal training with one of the assistant coaches, D, a man who works with foil, épée, sabre, and historical fencing weapons. D is a fantastic (assistant) coach, patient, soft-spoken. After about half an hour of intensive work, The Boy fenced his first épée bout... and lost, 2 to 5. Then he talked with D some more, worked a little more, and fenced his second épée bout... and won, 15 to 14. The coaches all agreed, watching him, that he has a gift for épée fencing, it is his fencing weapon. D said he had never trained anyone before that picked it up so quickly. So The Boy is now allowed to work twice a week with the more advanced fencers on this new skill!]

Anyhow, back to the busy week. Then on Tuesday, I took my dad to his tax preparer. We read about rainbows in The Magic of Reality while he was inside.

And today... M has a job interview, and The Boy has fencing. Tomorrow night, I have my class.

Another reason to be thankful for the rain... we fell behind (yesterday) on my goals for this week's homeschooling, so I am glad we will have a Friday afternoon at home to catch up! Of course we'll still have our family movie night, exact title to be determined.

The one day so far that we actually did our schoolwork, Monday in between the pharmacy and fencing, went well. I'm trying this schedule:

Rotational reading (Afternoon Basket): which, on Monday, was a chapter and a half from K12's Human Odyssey, about ancient China and Confucius. Tuesday was science reading (the only thing we actually got done), today will be geography reading, and then we'll work in some literary analysis and math reading Thursday/Friday.

Basics: Math, reading/spelling (The Girl), writing (The Boy)

Literature: More of A Wrinkle in Time

Personal Studies: On Monday, it was some Caddie Woodlawn and animal reading for The Girl; The Boy read about black holes in National Geographic, and read from I, Robot. Then we ran out of time. I am hoping next week to fold in biography reading time, etc.

I think this pattern, this rhythm, will work well for us!

Now that we are midweek, how is your week going?

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  1. Congratulations to Cyrus… and on the rain! I've been reading about the drought there in Northern CA and hoping you guys would catch a break. I hope this is the beginning of the end of that.


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