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Friday, February 7, 2014

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head...

It hasn't really stopped raining in a couple of days now. Not that I am complaining, mind you! I am actually thrilled that the world is wet and gray at the moment!

It has been a good week. With the exception of Monday, which I spent taking my dad on errands, we have "hit the books" each day, and we may do a "make up" day today, as I assume there will be no park day.

The Boy had some tough work this week in Life of Fred, converting Roman numerals to Arabic, doing division, and then converting the results back to Roman numerals. He did struggle a little with this, so I think I'll look for some (free) printables on this number system. He nailed the rest of his Fred work though, and continued in Writing With Skill quite happily. I found a copy of the student workbook for him at a discounted price, and ordered it as we're sticking with this program! He finished a set of lectures in his online physics course, and started reading from Stop Faking It! Force & Motion. A funny side note... he was watching one of the lectures, and stopped about halfway through to ask me if it was okay for him to start the lecture over and take notes. As if I would say no to that! Besides all that, there was plenty of free reading, a fair amount of drawing, and of course, fencing. His coaches told me this week that he is making good progress!

The Girl breezed through most of her work this week. In Life of Fred, she worked on the idea of functions, with domains and co-domains, as well as addition and subtraction review, and some multiplication work. She'll wrap up Farming very shortly, so I am glad I bought Goldfish already! I also bought Writing With Ease level 2, which I think she (and I) will like better than Intermediate Language Lessons. The work she has been doing with Reading Pathways, to boost her fluency, seems to be really paying off - the last two days she has read aloud beautifully! And she's been doing a lot of free writing this week, including passing me funny little notes while we were all playing a Wii game together. Like her brother, she spells quite phonetically, which does not bother me at this point--I am just glad to see her continuing to develop her reading/writing skills. And she's decided to try going back to roller derby this weekend! Additionally, we have nearly wrapped up The Quest for the Tree Kangaroos, and she set several pit traps around the yard for insects, a project from The Amateur Zoologist.

We read this week, in The Ancient Greek World, about the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures, and we read about most of the major gods/goddesses in The D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths. We read about the sun in The Magic of Reality, and double checked the calculations in The Man Who Counted. I am setting aside The Complete Book of Marvels for the moment, so that we can read another book by the same author (Richard Halliburton), The Glorious Adventure: Through the Mediterranean in the Wake of Odysseus. It seemed appropriate given our current historical studies! We also read from A Wrinkle in Time and Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban, went hiking at Spring Lake, played some Wii golf, and watched some Dr. Who! I am thinking about watching either Jason & the Argonauts or Clash of the Titans with the kids this weekend, or maybe on this rainy afternoon.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Love it! Love the book selections, too. My son asked me to request "The Once and Future King" for him from the library, and my daughter's reading "In Search of a Homeland," which is about the Aeneid. It's amazing how their love of reading grows with them. I love getting book ideas from you. Hope you don't mind if I steal some!


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