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Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Musings... Fresh Start...

This is the advice that I need to remember this week! I feel better after an active weekend of pursuing job leads, putting pieces together so I am not away from home too much... I hope, while still increasing our income a little. Anyhow, moving on!

What I Am Thinking About...
Fall scheduling. I am thinking about combining this schedule (the Monday through Thursday part) with a Waldorf lesson block to start the year, which would look like this:
Language Arts

I am roughly planning out a geography block, combining hands-on, making a main lesson book, and some good books, just in case.

OR, we'll just do the above, but put the Afternoon Basket and interest-led activities in place of the block study.

I plan to have the kids vote tonight!

In the Garden...
We have miniature tomatoes, peppers, squash and watermelons. The grapes are slowly starting to look more and more like grapes, the raspberries are ripening, the cucumbers are flowering, and the zucchini is getting ready to start fruiting. The lettuce is up, and we thinned out the radishes on the Solstice, adding the thinnings to a big salad.

Watching and Reading...
Slowing down on the documentaries was a good idea, as we're enjoying them more this way. On tap this week, Cosmos and America: The Story of Us. We plan to read more from Poop Happened: A History of the World from the Bottom Up, and we're flying through The Four Story Mistake. I'm about to start a book by Julian Fellowes, the man behind Downton Abbey, called Past Imperfect. I'm also reading Intuitive Eating, because I am sick to death of thinking of myself of being on a diet, forever. I want to normalize my issues with food (like the fact that I am scared to eat regular [whole grain] pasta versus spaghetti squash). And M and I are about to finish up season 2 of Lost!

Around the House...
There is nothing like a repair guy coming over to spur a bout of housecleaning! On Saturday, we woke up to no internet, which meant no TV, etc. I did a reset of the router, and all that, and nothing. So I ended up calling AT&T and scheduling a technician visit. So long story short, the house is a lot tidier right now! I've also decided to sell off a bunch of homeschooling stuff we don't use, and to donate the books I can't sell.

This Week...
Today my dad has an appointment with a kidney specialist. All I know is that his recent lab work indicated there might be an issue. He is on a lot of medications, does not exercise, ad does not have the healthiest diet, so I can't say I am surprised. Apprehensive, yes. A little scared, yes. But surprised, no. The Boy has fencing, The Girl has derby only on Thursdays for the next few weeks, and then might do a two week derby boot camp! I'm also planning on introducing the kids to DIY.org for fun project ideas (thanks, Kim)!

Hope you all have a good week!


  1. Hang in there! I'll keep your dad in my thoughts & hope for positive news!

    1. They ended up moving his appointment again, to early July!


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