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Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Doth Approacheth...

We have finished math and writing for the year.
We have left to finish:
 three episodes of Mankind: The Story of All of Us 
two and a half chapters of The Magic of Reality 
three episodes of Cosmos 
10 episodes of America: The Story of Us
And we may work on finishing Poop Happened: A History of the World from the Bottom Up

We have twenty-two (albeit quite short) chapters left in A Little History of the World. I am trying to decide if we want to push to finish it, or    We'll start up in the fall with the Middle Ages in volume 1 of The Human Odyssey, and then move into volume 2!

So there will be plenty of documentary watching and reading in the next two weeks! I've been very loosely lining up episodes of the two history series -- we watched the second America one yesterday, about the Revolutionary War, and will follow it up with the 10th episode of Mankind, as it touches on the same war and then moves into the Industrial Revolution. The kids are fine with the idea of two more weeks of school, since it will just be TV and books, although The Girl is still doing some reading practice daily, which will continue over the summer.

I decided not to plan out summer school this year, as I have done in the past (2008, 20092010 / 2010 changes, 2011, 2012, 2013). Instead, I have asked the kids to pick a project each, something they can lead, and design, and do on their own with my support.

The Boy wants to build a camera obscura, or I should say, at least one. His ultimate goal is to make at least two of different sizes, one of which can be mounted to a tripod.

The Girl wants to learn to knit, and to make a scarf in doing so, and to work on a sewing project as yet to be determined.

As far as "family studies", we're enjoying a good book right now, The Four Story Mistake, and may read the rest of that series. Maybe Gone Away Lake and Return to Gone Away as well. Enjoyable, informational, and not too heavy. The Boy wants to finish the 100 Cupboards series, and I think The Girl would either enjoy continuing with the Oz series, or perhaps Thimble Summer and Emily's Runaway Imagination.

I might, but then again might not, finish working through Right Brained Multiplication and Division with The Girl, or perhaps Times Tales. Maybe. Or we might just play games/do activities from Family Math (and Family Math: The Middle School Years). Maybe.

I think we'll work in some readings and activities from The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Daring Book for Girls too! Plenty of awesome summer-time ideas in those books!

 I have some household/homeschooling organizational plans, am reading (more carefully) back through Project-Based Homeschooling, A Charlotte Mason Education, and More Charlotte Mason Education (yes, I read fiction too), and and have plans to spend lots of time in places like this...

Throwing rocks to watch the splashes and ripples...

Taking breaks from bicycling...

Beach time, swimming, creekside time, fencing, roller derby, bowling, Frisbee tossing, shooting hoops, playing baseball, time to watch movies, paint pictures, and just hang out. Then, we don't plan to start up again until [around] Labor Day!


  1. A camera obscura- how cool! Has he seen Tim's Vermeer? It came out this week on video. http://www.amazon.com/Tims-Vermeer-Tim-Jenison/dp/B00K31E8NQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1402858906&sr=8-1&keywords=tim%27s+vermeer

    Also, there was an article about this in Vanity Fair. http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2013/11/vermeer-secret-tool-mirrors-lenses

    HTH- Mandy

    1. Thank you! We'll definitely have to check out those links!


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