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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Books, Books, Books...

I am so glad I live in a family that values books, and almost always, real printed ones over anything digital (sorry, my Kindle, but while you are useful, we like real pages that can be turned, and real illustrations to admire).

I just thought I would share some of our recent finds!

For the family...
I found these vintage (1971 reprints of an older set) at the library, and immediately fell in love with the varied stories, poems, etc., all written very well.

 This volume, which The Girl and I are enjoying (though sometimes The Boy listens in) is chock full of fairy tales from around the world, as well as poetry, and stories of geographical intrigue. 

I got this volume, from the library, primarily for The Boy, though The Girl listens in a fair bit. It has classic stories such as The Adventures of General Tom Thumb, Gulliver's Travels, etc., as well as poetry, and historical sketches.

The Boy's latest treasure was given to us by a lady who lives in the same assisted living facility as my dad. It has been rebound once, but the book itself, printed in 1859, is in excellent condition, with print so small The Boy uses a magnifying glass to read it! He was commenting last night on the beauty of the writing style.
 The image here shows the original binding (his is plain, red cloth hardcover), and the marbling that is present on all sides of the pages. Its full title is A Classical Dictionary of Biography, Mythology, and Geography Based on the Larger Dictionaries, and at over 1,000 pages, it should keep The Boy occupied for a while!

Then there are the books I am reading...

Out of the two, I prefer the writing style of the food book over the other, which seems a little holier-than-thou at some points, though I love the premise of the book! I think (as I sit here using it) that there is too much technology in our lives.

Anyhow, those are just some books we have found recently, and I thought I'd share! What are you reading these days?

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  1. I read Better Off. I really enjoyed it. I need to read A Year without Sugar too. I have been trying to reduce my sugar/carb intake and not doing very well being surrounded by temptation and not very strong! I love old books too. I am jealous of your finds.


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