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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Turns Out the Joke's On Me...

Okay, not a joke really, but it turns out when you expose kids to a lifestyle of learning, in which they get input into subject matter, textbooks and non-textbook choices, learning approaches, etc....

They come to expect that will continue.

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 We had our annual planning meeting yesterday. I met with each kid, went over ideas for next fall (and the rest of this year), and yes, as always, I had a plethora of what-ifs to share!

I had choices for math, for languages, for potential history and science programs, etc., etc., etc.

And we ended up right back where we are now. Yes, we do math and language arts at least 4 times a week. Yes, the kids read daily. And yes, they both love science. But outside those, they don't want to be tied down to a particular program.

And so 2015-2016 has math (no changes there since they like their math programs), writing (just a step up), and science of their choice. Everything else will continue to be interest-led.

And The Boy will be taking his first college course starting in late August. I think he's settled on Drawing and Composition I for fall, to be followed, possibly, by sculpture the next spring, or maybe something with computer science, or engineering. The world is his oyster!

I am truly thankful at the moment that we have a local junior/community college that offers [free] concurrent enrollment, and that is very highly regarded, for a couple of reasons...

One. I know the kids can continue to build on the foundation we have given them, and explore all kinds of classes, from anthropology, to comparative mythology, world history, engineering, mechanics... and much, much more.

And two (a little more selfish), if they do undergrad/concurrent work there, I don't have to do transcripts, or a "traditional" high school sequence. So there.


  1. Oh no Gillian you raised thinkers! ;)
    It is funny how that is less and more work all at once...

  2. My daughter (always homeschooled) started taking college courses this past fall for 10th grade at age 14. She really loves it. It is also free through our school district. Well, we have to pay for textbooks but not the tuition.


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