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Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekly Report... Busy, Busy...

...What Kept Us Busy...

Writing Skills is working well for The Girl. She enjoys the simplicity of it, and says "Well, now that I can read, I should learn to write better."

And The Boy edited, proofread, and finished up his complaint letter (model car he was given to assemble, poorly fitting parts). I used WriteSource 2000 to show him what a business letter looked like, and he did a fine job on it!

Math was good for both. The Boy did fine with the accelerated approach I gave him this week in algebra (details about halfway down the post I linked), and The Girl is quite content to be back on the world of Saxon. She reviewed missing addends and subtrahends, as well as multiplication as repeated addition, number lines, etc., and told me that she likes having different kinds of problems to figure out!

I also found a complete set of My Book House at the library, while looking for something else. So I picked up volume 6 for The Girl, and volume 8 for The Boy. Cassia and I read a poem about fairies, and the story of Sleeping Beauty. I hope, over the upcoming weeks, to read aloud to each child from their "own" book, and sometimes have them do the reading, etc.

I headed back to an on-campus class this week as well (psychology, with a focus on community mental health) and I think I will really like it! Then there was... 

tutoring (one hour this week)

my online class to keep up with (juvenile justice)

a meeting with a friend

fencing practice

M suddenly nearly doubling his work hours (which is a good thing!)

plenty of self-assigned artwork on the parts of both kids, and M, who has started painting again

The Girl's first, and successful, attempt at making a dessert all on her own (caramelized bananas with crispy spiced tortilla strips and a dollop of creme fraiche)

And volunteer work
Pupping petting is such hard work, right?

...To Work on For Next Week...

There is always room for improvement!

Science needs to be brought back to our daily studies. And we need to get another episode of Big History under our belts. Then there's geography.... and read alouds (i.e. The Afternoon Basket).

I need to work on better menu planning, so I can be more efficient, and save money, at the grocery store. And I need to get back into my housework groove!

I also need to make time to get to the sewing machine repair shop for a small part, so I can sew cat toys at home rather than having to load everything up and head over to my mom's.

It's all about balance, right?

image courtesy of kinesiology-hypnotherapy.com.au

Happy weekend!

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  1. I'm with you, menu planning and organization is something I have to constantly stay on top of or it all comes tumbling down, lol!


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