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Friday, January 9, 2015

First Week Back, Ho Hum....

It was a decent week in homeschooling, but not a stellar one. There were hits and there were misses for sure.

~ * ~ Hits This Week ~ * ~


I am glad my kids love their science studies! The Boy took copious notes from his physics book, learning about energy this week, and The Girl checked out our chickens' feathers, and made a hummingbird feeder as per the instructions from this lovely vintage book.


Math Mammoth Blue Series
And just as I am glad they enjoy science, I am very glad they enjoy their math!

And the Other Hits This Week...

The kids are both thrilled that we are actually reading The Hobbit now, and the illustrations by Alan Lee are gorgeous! And The Boy is perfectly content with Writing With Skill-- he worked on outlining and summarizing this week, which are good skills to have in place.

And both are enjoying their choice of free reading material! Having a family quiet reading time is a big success -- I must say I am enjoying it every bit as much as they are!

~ * ~ Misses This Week ~ * ~

I am still waiting on The Girl's writing book, though I have been told it should be here Monday. So much for expedited shipping!

History... The Human Odyssey is very good. I don't have complaints about the content, or the way it is written. In fact, I think for middle school aged kids, like mine, it is a very good "spine" text. But, we want more. My kids want to know more about life in the Middle Ages, more about the Vikings (HO has one chapter on these ancestors of ours). You can read more about how I plan to tackle this "deficiency" here.

And we did not do 4 days of lessons... just two -- I'll say we were "warming up" for a good week next week! We did not read from The Complete Book of Marvels, or The Number Devil. I didn't teach any art. No Shakespeare, or poetry. I did finally put some new art up on the fridge!

This weekend, I plan to work on gathering everything back together. I need to reorganize my Afternoon Basket, get some art supplies together, and pick up a couple of notebooks -- I have new blank ones for geography, but also want to use what I learned this week about lesson planning.

Also on the weekend's agenda:
Finish a batch of cat toys for delivery
Pet puppies for volunteer work
Finish off this week's organization tasks
Get ready for my online class that starts Monday (I'm taking two classes this semester to help prepare me for the world of social services... one in juvenile justice procedures, and one in the psychology of community health)
And a family movie night, movie title still to be determined

Do you have any good weekend plans?

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  1. Michael just put up an "Art of the Week" poster to coincide with our study of birds beginning Monday. Benjamin is still planning to enter the Karina Eide competition (deadline January 21st). I'm thinking about some new audiobook options, as he's been without any new material since before the holidays. Other than that, we're still in a post-holiday fog. Ha! I hope to comment here more often in the new year...Happy 2015!

  2. It looks like a great week to me! I'll be interested to see what you think of Cassia's new writing book.

    Ours was....let's say somewhat distracted...between snowstorms, blizzards, and an unexpected new puppy we only accomplished about half of what we set out to do, but had a really good time anyway. We also learned not to leave anything lower than 4 feet if we don't want it eaten. :)


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