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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Keeping track simplified...

A very simple, check-off style chart. Nothing to assign, simply categories to be checked off! This will satisfy, I think, my urge to plan and keep track without actually planning (since I always, inevitably, over-plan!) I printed it on card stock, and I inserted it into a page protector so I can simply use a dry erase marker each week for checking things off. I also figure, it will give me a good picture each week of what areas we are strong in, and where we could use a little more work!

If I really need to, I can always make notes, but then, that's what blogging is for! Of course with all the simplifying, I decided to de-clutter my blog as well! And I added to my Useful Links page.


  1. My type-A side is torn between loving the clean lines and simplicity, and worrying that there wouldn't be enough detail to appease the Homeschooling Powers That Be in Quebec! Either way, it looks great. :)

  2. This makes so much sense! I always make plans that I can't fully stick to. I have, in the past recorded what we have done. I like the idea of doing both at once. Plus this way I have the idea of what we need to cover without the rigidity of a daily plan. I think I am going to try this. :))


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