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Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Report... 1/30-2/3...

Language Arts
Cricket worked through another few lessons in ClickN'Read Phonics, specifically lessons 21-24. She's doing well with this. Supposedly this program teaches phonics up to a 3rd grade level, so if I can get her that far, I'll be quite satisfied! After that, if she needs additional phonics work, I downloaded Funnix 2 this week, since it is free through the 16th. She read 4 more stories to me - we're doing review using Bob Books to build fluency. She also completed 6 pages in Explode the Code.

Bug worked on spelling. This week, I simply used printouts from a Scholastic spelling book I downloaded sometime back, during their dollar days sales. He liked the crossword puzzles best! This was a unit working with syllables. He also finished up Homer Price, re-read Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules, read Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Movie Diary, and started reading Boy.

His writing this week was... well, spotty at best. I just purchased The Writer's Jungle, and am reading through it to get him up to speed. So next week we'll have some actual writing going on.

We kept math simple this week, just using Math Mammoth. Cricket worked on multiplication, as groups of objects, as an array, and with number lines. (Note: please ignore the occasional backwards "2" in the sample below!)

Bug worked on division, and got introduced to remainders (or "leftovers" as they are called in Math Mammoth).

We read from The Magic of Reality this week...

and added in a couple of books to explore ideas in more depth...

Both these books were a big hit. The kids liked the clear explanations in the one on DNA, and the whole story approach of the Gregor Mendel book, although they were very sad that Mendel's work went unrecognized in his own time. I have a couple more books on DNA to read aloud, and then I want to do this project to separate out our own DNA with the kids, after which we'll read more in our main science book, and then explore Darwin.

We switched gears for a week, and read about some American history.

The kids enjoyed it so much that we read 4 chapters in one sitting! I must say, I've never thought much about Columbus before his travels, and realized after reading this week, that the years prior to that could not have been easy, with him being made fun of on a regular basis. I think we'll continue to read from this here and there. The kids did give good oral narrations after I finished my reading.

I am also curious about this vintage book on American history. I have it as a pdf from Google books, and just need to transfer it to my Kindle.

If you've read either, or both, of these, which did you prefer, and why?

Art and Music
Bug is continuing to work hard on his piano lessons. He is continuing with one song from last week, working on the timing (I think we need a metronome!), has some scale work to practice, and a second song.

They kept themselves quite busy with art. Cricket made about 10 watercolor paintings this week and here is my favorite:

is working on a series of cars and trucks, with perspective and shading. He loves working with inking, and I think he's doing a very good job!

Bug was so busy reading this week that we didn't get to any of The Hobbit! Instead, at bedtime, he read to himself, while I read animal fables to Cricket. She absolutely adores animal stories, and we have had fun reading through these stories from different countries/cultures.

Next week I hope to get back to our regular bedtime reading. We're also between audiobooks, as The Phantom Tollbooth hasn't come in yet!

In Other News
We deep-cleaned the family room this week, having already done the living room. I am trying, desperately, to get rid of the clutter and get more organized, as per my New Year's Goals. I am doing well with goal #1, as I just passed the 25-pounds-lost mark! And we're making progress with the other goals too, although I need to work harder on #3.

We also discussed and have settled on changes to our current curriculum, which we'll continue through next year as well. Our sort of relaxed, Charlotte Mason approach is working well for us - the lessons are short, the books are good, and we're appreciating the process of learning these days.

Don't forget to go by Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers for more weekly wrap-ups... the exact link isn't up as I write this, but I'm sure it will be soon!


  1. I keep seeing Math Mammoth everywhere I look. I think I need to look into this for next year. Your science plans for next year look awesome too!

  2. We loved Bob Books when my son was younger. Oh that reminds me I need to look for them daughter. Sounds like the rest of your week went wonderful. Love reading how others do their school. Thanks for sharing.

    Lil Momma
    On the great adventure as my daughter is learning to read.

  3. Congratulations on 25#! I'm at 18#...but at a frustrating standstill. Grr! Hopefully next week I'll make 20#! Woot!

  4. Wonderful week, I will have to look into those history resources. I love the artwork!

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