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Monday, November 19, 2012

Has It Really Been That Long?

Seventeen years already! And some people said it would never last (we married less than 3 months after we met)! So a Happy Anniversary to my sweetie, and here's to many more years!

It was a good weekend. I made homemade playdough, scented this time with pine oil, and that kept the kids occupied during downpours. We also made bubble soap for between downpours. We discovered Vi Hart's Math Doodles, which both kids, especially The Boy, found quite inspirational. We ate a delicious, and very easy, chicken dish that the whole family begged me to add to our regular repertoire.We played several rounds of Apples to Apples Junior, which is always a blast!

In homeschooling yesterday, we:
~ Read about homo habilis and tool making
~ Visited the Mayan temples of Chichen Itza with Richard Halliburton
~ Completed 2 chapters in Life of Fred Apples (The Girl), and one in Life of Fred Fractions (The Boy)
~ Completed some copywork in Primary Language Lessons (The Girl) and a brief story paragraph in Intermediate Language Lessons (The Boy)
~ Both kids took spelling tests, and aced them!
~ The Girl read a long vowel story from Reading Pathways aloud
~ We read two chapters of Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone
~ There was painting, playdough sculpting, and math doodles all mixed in there too! My kids love to work on crafts, etc. while I read
~ And at bedtime, we read another chapter of Dorothy & the Wizard In Oz, with our old friend the Wizard just arriving on the scene.

Today will be another relaxed day of learning. I have science, language arts, math, a couple of books from A Picture Perfect Childhood, and literature on the agenda, and we'll see how that goes. I am trying to be more flexible these days in my approach, mainly setting general goals for the week, such as 4 math lessons each, coverage of a topic from Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding, a chapter or two in history, and so forth. Then, when and how we get to it is determined by how our days are going! I find too that logging what we have done works much better for me than writing up a plan each week, as I get very frustrated when we don't follow said plan!

Then maybe a nice dinner, and a family movie. The Girl has agreed to miss roller derby training tonight so we can enjoy our anniversary evening at home.

We also changed up our Thanksgiving plans. I'm taking the kids to my mom's house on Wednesday, then on Thursday, it will be this:

and, weather permitting, this.

Something a little different this year! So no cooking for me, except a apple-quince-mince pie for my mom's house, and a pumpkin pie at home, at The Girl's particular request.

Hope you are all off to a good start with your week!


  1. Happy Anniversary! And have a great Thanksgiving...sounds like fun!


    So sorry this is belated.

  3. Happy Belated Anniversary! Congrats on 17 years! That is great! People said my hubby and I wouldn't last either...he moved in with me a month after we started going out...and we bought a house together a few months after that...and well, here we are now over 18 yeras later, married for 16. Sometimes just KNOW. :-)


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