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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just Nevermind...

Friday's post about scheduling, that is. We're going to wait until January to try this out. In the meantime, we have a detour...

Will be studying mythology, will be waiting on Story of Science. We're going to read this together for history over the next few weeks...

Found the American Girl Welcome to ______'s World books at the library. She wants to "do them in order, please", so I found this timeline, and we decided to learn about Kaya! We'll read the story books too, and maybe add in some crafts--I own a lot of the craft/cookbooks for other dolls in the series, but this one doesn't appear to have those. I'm not sure if we'll do just the one, or a bunch of these, but since she is showing actual interest in something historical, I am not going to say no!


As for everything else, we'll hit the basics each day (reading, writing, math), 4-5 days a week. In science, I'm frankly not sure at the moment! The Boy does want to finally finish reading The Magic of Reality, so I'll do that with him, and maybe I can find animal and other American-Girl-related science topics for The Girl. I bet there are some ideas in the ______'s World books!

And for art, we're going to focus on making some nice pieces that I can scan, print, and turn into calendar gifts for family. We'll be doing some of the projects from this book for this, and some from other sources.

So we're more or less back to this idea. Wow, that scheduling thing sure lasted long, didn't it? As I said though, we'll revisit it in January... fresh year, fresh start. I think it is a good and workable schedule, but we're going to relax for now.

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  1. Ha! I just love you guys...and your flexibility. :)


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