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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Being Involved...

As my kids (gulp) get older, I think a sense of community involvement is important. So recently we started looking for volunteer opportunities that would suit each of them. Yes, I know many schools around here don't require community involvement until high school, but when there are great opportunities, why wait?

So for The Girl, whose dream since age 2 has been to be a veterinarian, I found a service-dog, puppy-petting project. What animal-loving child would not want to pet puppies? I emailed them immediately, and we've been placed on the list for the next litter or two, which may not be until summer, but it is still something to look forward to! And yes, since she's under the age of 16, I get to pet puppies with her (no complaints there!).

And then for The Boy, there was no interest in petting puppies, which I understand. He likes animals just fine, but isn't the type to get all hyped up about them. Instead, M suggested he try volunteering at a local non-profit, which offers bicycles and all their parts at low prices, along with training in bike maintenance. We went in, and talked to the owner in person, and he said The Boy can just come in any time they are open to volunteer! The Boy is really excited about this, and has been studying bicycle repair ever since, with the aid of a library book.

Do you volunteer in your community? Is community involvement part of your homeschool plan? Eventually, The Boy hopes to do some automotive-related volunteering/an internship, when he's older, and The Girl would like to volunteer at the local wildlife rescue facility. We've done some work at a food bank, baked cookies for a women and children's shelter, donated clothes to homeless shelters, and been Secret Santas most years, but this feels different, more targeted at what my kids love while still helping out.


  1. It's part of my plan for the kids whether we continue to homeschool or not. My son would love to work for Habitat for Humanity, and I've told him that's fine but have suggested he learn a bit of carpentry before then. My daughter just turned 9, so most places won't even give her the time of day when it comes to volunteering, which is sad. She could help at the local soup kitchen, but she's a sensitive soul and doesn't want to do that - she'd rather work with animals as well. She'll find her niche someday. We've done the Angel Tree at Christmas and donated goods (and money, though the kids don't know that) to fire/tornado victims, and we help a friend raise money for her juvenile diabetes association, but I don't even know that the kids consider those things to be community involvement. They just think it's what you DO. And I guess I like that :)

    1. I like too that the little things we do are just considered to be how we do them, not necessarily something special, more as a part of life. It has been hard finding volunteer opportunities for kids the ages of mine. I was thinking about Habitat for Humanity too, and would love to get the whole family involved in that at some point!


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