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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rough Waters...

 You may recall I got a layoff notice a couple of years ago, which was then rescinded just days before my "final" day.

So, it has happened again. And again it happened on the heels of a glowing review. After June 30, I may or may not be cut loose. Somewhere above me, a secretarial position was cut. That person is bumping someone else, who is then bumping me. Last time, the other person, a full-time employee, did not really want my job as it is part-time. This new one is a part-time employee, so I think the chances are far greater that I am being laid off.

With M's work still being somewhat unstable, and then this blow... well, we could use some good thoughts, some positive vibes, prayers, whatever you have. I am trying to stay positive, to think there is something better on the horizon, but truthfully, it's a little hard right now.

Everything else is going okay. We're healthy, we still have our home, the kids are learning in leaps and bounds. M has two interviews scheduled over the next two days.

I'm kind of at a point where even if they do rescind the notice, I don't think I want to keep going through this every other year. Maybe this is a sign that I should be looking elsewhere.

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  1. Vibes headed your way, for sure. Hang in there.


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