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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

For the First Time...

For the very first time, ever, my kids are both deeply interested in the same historical time period...at last. While Ancient Greece has been a fascination of The Boy's for years, The Girl hasn't been too interested, until now, despite listening too, and enjoying, the Percy Jackson books on audio cd. Why the interest now?


Because she discovered Xena: Warrior Princess this summer. So, thank you Xena, for getting my girl as interested in this time period as your brother and I!

We're trying out/considering a few books for studying this in more depth...
The Book of the Ancient Greeks, and/or The Ancient Greek World; The Glorious Adventure; Black Ships Before Troy; The Wanderings of Odysseus; A Wonderbook for Boys & Girls; Tanglewood Tales; Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

And the winners for our Greek study are: The Book of the Ancient Greeks; Tales of Troy and Greece; The Glorious Adventure; Black Ships Before Troy; The Wanderings of Odysseus, and I decided that Percy Jackson's Greek Gods would be a gift for The Boy to add to his Rick Riordan collection.

We'll see how it goes. I'm not stressing right now as to how far we get in history this year, what with The Boy starting high school next year. He wants to work through The Big History Project at that point, with supplemental resources that will include The Ascent of Man, The Origin of Species, etc. I may have The Girl do something at that point along the lines of Where The Brook and the River Meet (minus the religion), or ??? In the meantime, we'll enjoy a shared interest as long as it lasts!

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