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Friday, September 19, 2014

This Week (Week 3 in Review)...

A calmer week, which I very much appreciate.

The Boy...

-- worked in The Art of Problem Solving, which he is finding quite challenging, but in a (mostly) good way --

-- worked on a lesson from Write With the Best --

-- cleaned the battery terminals on my car --

-- designed a small room in Blender --

-- spent a few hours carefully detailing cars in a couple of new coloring books
(yes, we enjoy coloring books at any age) --

-- enjoyed reading from Conceptual Physics, and made detailed notes about formulas for acceleration, velocity, free fall, and so on --

-- started reading The Lord of the Flies, after setting aside The Phantom Tollbooth, which he would rather I read aloud (as would The Girl) --

-- browsed through The Noblest Invention: A History of the Bicycle, and decided it was not what he was looking for, as it was more about one bicyclist than the history of the bicycle -- thankfully he has another couple of books on the topic arriving at the library soon --

-- and is getting prepared for an in-house fencing tournament tomorrow --

The Girl...

-- enjoyed readings from The Sea Turtle Scientist, Queen Elizabeth & the Spanish Armada, & The Girl Who Could Fly --

-- flew through some review work in Math Mammoth --

-- designed a number of dresses created from clay for one of her tiny dolls --

-- assisted her brother with the cleaning of the battery terminals --

-- helped her dad make omelets one night for dinner --

-- spent several hours enjoying her new coloring books --

-- worked her way through a few more lessons in Reading Horizons and practiced reading out loud to me --

-- watched another episode and a half of The Blue Planet --

-- and is getting ready for skating in a parade tomorrow morning, in full derby gear --


-- re-watched the first episode of Mankind: The Story of All of Us --

-- enjoyed the last few chapters of The Twenty One Balloons --

-- laughed at the results of our first exercise in the Giggly Guide to Grammar --

-- played some basketball and Frisbee at the local school's playground just at dusk --

-- rejoiced in the rain we had this week --

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  1. I love how you organize your weekly updates. I may have to use this. Mine can get awfully wordy. Looks like a great education!


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