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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's March!

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...Plans for March...


March 4 is a most important day. Why? Because this little one will be turning 13!

I think we'll have to make something with apples, of course! And maybe, for old times sake, read a lovely copy of the story (perhaps this one?).

Obviously, I will have to make a pie!

Well, it certainly feels like spring around here! Maybe a Roman style dinner, with olives, bread, cheese, etc.

We always celebrate this one, as both M and I have Irish heritage, especially me (I'm nearly all Danish, Scots, and Irish, with a few other things thrown in the mix). We'll wear green, have an Irish dinner, and bake some soda bread!

I love spring, so I'm happy to celebrate it! We'll plant some flowers, and have a spring themed dinnerI'm thinking an asparagus frittata, and a big salad. I always do first-day-of-spring baskets for the kids too, since they get Easter baskets from my mom when the time comes. And of course, we'll have to try balancing eggs on end!

We have a big midday dinner at my mom's after she goes to church. She usually does lamb, couscous, etc. I bring homemade hummus and pita chips, and the kids get Easter baskets!

...Other Plans for March...

The Girl and I will be going to my cousin's baby shower next weekend

We have lots of gardening work to do, including the actual building of our raised beds by mid-month!

I get a week off from both my jobs and college!

More decluttering. We did not get to clothes over the weekend, but have high hopes for this Saturday!

...What Else We're Up To...

M's new job, at a wholesale [plant] nursery, is working out fantastically so far. He loves being outside much of the day, working with plants, and soil. He's working 9+ hours a day, and probably 5-6 days a week. Definitely a big change for our household!

In homeschooling, we're plugging away. The Boy is doing very well with the change in algebra programs, and The Girl actually really likes Math Essentials (though she's iffy still on Fred). We watched the first episode of World War One: The People's Story, and it was very well done! We're keeping up with most of our history reading, and science reading, and are making good progress with finishing A Wrinkle in Time. The Boy is thinking about doing a math lesson while he's at my mom's on Mondays, to help make sure he hits the goal of 4 lessons a week, and then The Girl and I can tackle math on Monday evenings while The Boy is at fencing.

It's all about making things work!

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