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Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Musings...Spring Has Sprung!

Well, I had great plans for today, and celebrating spring, but then the skies opened up and are dumping gallons of water on us. A little too damp for great outdoor happenings! Although I did get a pre-rain workout in at a park with my wellness coach. And I did SIX assisted pull-ups! For someone who has never managed one pull-up before, that was pretty awesome!

So, as I am (mostly*) off from work this week, I have plans for home and homeschooling...
*I do have papers to mark, of course, and tutoring

...Around the House...
My plans for the week include:
Rearranging the family room
Spring-cleaning and decluttering!
Cleaning out the fridge and freezer

...Other Plans...
Watching some StarGate Universe with The Boy (our replacement for Lost)
Two more park workouts (Wednesday, Friday)
Fencing for The Boy, as there is no parkour this week
A biology lecture
Finish A Wrinkle in Time
Watching some more Downton Abbey 
Derby practice for The Girl

It'll be a full, and I hope good, week! Enjoy your first week of spring!

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