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Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Musings... Back to Real Life...

I'll confess... I did very little of what I had planned for spring break! Instead, I ending up focusing on family, relaxation, and fitness... and it was lovely!

...What We Did Do...

We watched Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time

The Boy and I watched StarGate Universe

We went to the library, where the kids participated in a tapigami workshop that was pretty good

We celebrated the beginning of spring at the park with friends, and some delicious lemony treats The Girl and I made (we topped them with this icing, and then dipped them in coconut flakes)

We hiked around the local lake

We went to the coast for a very windy afternoon

I worked out with my friend/wellness coach three times (it was so hard!), and tried a kickboxing class. During one of my workouts, the kids came along to ride bikes and climb trees

We all read, and the kids worked on art projects

M mowed the front yard, and we are getting ready to try moving a Spanish Lavender to a better location (wish us luck in not killing it!)

We went puppy petting

...This Week, We Will...

Be doing at least 4 math lessons (per child)

Working on spelling and free-writing (The Girl), and free-writing and the beginnings of an essay (The Boy)

Reading in our library books (history, lit)

Getting some of our old books ready to donate to the library

The Boy will be doing his truck rebuilding project this week

The Girl is working on a few little sewing projects

The Boy has parkour, The Girl has derby, and I will be trying out a karate class

Catching up on some of the cleaning and other things that didn't happen last week

Work and tutoring

...Around the House and Such...

It'll be a busy week! I have meals planned for most of the week (for once), and even prepped all the ingredients for tonight's quick stir-fry last night, since today is a 12+ hour day for me. I'm still deciding n a good crock-pot meal for Wednesday. And I am going to take this recipe (which we all enjoy), and try subbing in farro or barley for the pasta, as I am currently avoiding refined grains as much as reasonably possible.

I'm plotting out my new chicken hutch, to be built this summer

M is working 9-10 hours a day, 6 days a week, which has been a big adjustment for all of us. But, he loves his job, so that helps!

M and I are also working on some renovation plans (bathroom, family room roof)

Before I leave you for today, here are a couple of pictures from our week off!


  1. I can't believe how adult The Girl is looking all of a sudden!

    I'll look forward to seeing the chicken hutch (you are going to show us, right?!) - we're always looking for new ideas as our hen population grows, and we're supposed to be adding ducks soon too.

    Looks like a great week all around!

    1. I'll definitely post a picture of the hutch when we're done! I'm challenging myself to build everything out of scrap materials, if I can!


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