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Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Musings... Pi and Einstein...

First of all, Happy Pi Day!
I'm not sure if we'll actually get around to eating pie today or not, but perhaps so!

It is also this guy's birthday!
The Boy and I have been talking about him a lot lately, with all the news on gravitational waves fascinating both of us.

...What We've Been Up To...

Watching Downton Abbey

Reading more about the Romanovs

Catching up on a couple of episodes of Once Upon a Time

Watching the skies pour down on us daily (though there's a several day break in the rain this week!)

Working [somewhat] diligently on math, which is going well

Going through clothes, as the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up suggests, though, no, we aren't doing it all in one fell swoop!

Talking to the Boy about The Big History Project (with an emphasis on science) for fall, and writing a research essay for now

Looking at new volunteer opportunities for The Girl, now that she's THIRTEEN!

Cooking bake sale goods with The Girl for derby, and then watching her chat with a boy all evening while helping out at the bake sale table!

The Boy also tried a parkour class last week, as he's a little burnt out on fencing -- he loved the parkour class, and will be taking it weekly. Best of all, it is during derby practice, and only two minutes away!

I lost another 2.6 pounds

...Plans for the Week...

More math

The beginning work on a research essay

Ordering a new spelling program for The Girl (I'm really tempted by Spelling Workout, and I think she could move through a couple of the lower books pretty quickly, though her spelling is fairly dreadful) 

Looking ahead to next week, when I am off work and school for spring break

More cleaning and clothes sorting... we're getting there

I wear we will finish A Wrinkle in Time!

And there you have it. Nothing fancy, just going along.

Enjoy your Pi Day!

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