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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Those children of mine...

I swear sometimes I do not understand them. I tried, unsuccessfully, for years to get them interested in the history of our own country. I bought cool resources, like these, and these, showed them videos, read a couple of books, and nada, zip, zero, zilch.

Yesterday we (re) watched episode one of America: The Story of US, because I do want them to be at least somewhat familiar with American history. The two hours after the show? Well, they were filled with making 3D maps of Jamestown (from this book), going through every book I own on American history-- which is a fair number, including crafts books, and asking me things like "Mommy, do we still have that lapbook stuff for Pilgrims?" and "Mommy, why aren't we doing this history?"


I don't know how long this interest will last, but you had better believe I will make the most of it! Well, as much as I can without overwhelming them and scaring them away from the topic. And that is, if the interest continued past last night! An accidental unit study! Make me wonder what the next all-consuming interest will be!

In California, this history should have been the focus of my son's current school year... 5th grade is American history from Columbus all the way through the Civil War. I guess better late than never! (And then I'd be "ahead" with Cricket, right?) And we should have covered California history in 4th grade, but instead we're planning it for this summer (still puts Cricket "ahead"), albeit in a very relaxed manner.

Whatever. That's the joy of homeschooling, isn't it? To go with passions and interests, despite what outside agencies say they "should" be learning?


  1. America: The Story of Us is what made Benjamin a history buff.

    After seeing it he literally became immersed in the Civil War.

    He's watched the film on the Triangle Building Fire (on American Experience) at least seven times.

    It's an amazing film series--I think every American should see it! :)

  2. The audacity, to ask that question!!lol. Well just think if you hadn't tried all those years you would not have had the resources when needed.

  3. I've had a hard time getting my girls interested in American History, too. Although they love the Native American stories. ;-) I'll try the documentary. Thanks for the suggestion!


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