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Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Report...2/27 -3/2...

We had another "relaxed" week, although my checklist shows a lot going on!

What We Did


We read about ancient Egyptians. I put a few supplementary books on hold at the library in case they want to explore this topic some more. The jury is still out on which, if either, book they prefer.

Mythical Creatures
Read from a lovely book called A Cavalcade of Sea Legends while the kids colored pictures of mermaids (Cricket) and dragons (Bug). These colored pictures will be incorporated onto the covers of the lapbooks they're working on. And we watched a couple of movies, continuing our creatures of the deep theme...

Science (BFSU, Thread A-2)
Read about states of matter - Solids, Liquids & Gases, and Liquid to Gas and Back Again
We took ice cubes, melted them, heated them up, and watched them evaporate. Then we did it again with a glass lid over the pot, so we could see condensation. This all led to a discussion of the water cycle, and I was delighted that my kids remembered words like "precipitation"!


I had totally forgotten I had this book! It is very colorful, and for a math book, fun. Cricket did 6 pages in just one sitting! Bug continued working in Math Mammoth for the most part, more division, although he did "take a break" by doing some math puzzles.

Next week my goal is to add in some Life of Fred Apples, for fun math reading.

Language Arts
Cricket continued to work in Explode the Code, doing a review lesson, which seemed really easy for her (yaay!) She told me a short story about her daddy, which I wrote down, and then had her copy to give to him. She read a couple of Nora Gaydos books, much more fluently than before.

Bug worked on another lesson in spelling, this week focusing on suffixes. I was going to have him (finally) work on his essay again, but instead he began writing a story. I read a post from a friend some time back, about how much her kids picked up simply from good books, and it is true! I haven't taught Bug everything about punctuation--such as quotation marks, etc.-- but he is using them! He says he learned from reading! He also played around with some Mad Libs.

Maybe next week I'll work in some more from The Sentence Family, which we were really enjoying before it got set aside.


We finished one book.

And read a few stories from another.

Bug has almost finished this book, and is eager to read the second one.

We're also really enjoying The Phantom Tollbooth (audio book). David Hyde Pierce is the perfect reader for this book, and we have so many interesting discussions that it is taking us a while to listen to it all!

Bug continues to amaze me with his art and computer animation. He has diligently practiced his piano pieces this week, and has in fact memorized at least one of them.

Cricket spent a fair amount of time practicing her freestyle playing on the piano. Some of it is pretty good! She's also looking forward to her ninth birthday on Sunday! We took cupcakes to today's park day to share with friends.

We were also profiled in our local homeschool association's newsletter, which is cool.

It has been a good week. Relaxed seems to be the way to go! Drop by...


  1. My kids have just discovered the Percy Jackson books-huge fans!

  2. Happy birthday Cassia! Sounds like a great week.


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