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Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekly Report... 3/12-3/16... We were on break!

We took a week off.

The kids watched movies and documentaries, played games, made paper creations, listened to more of The Phantom Tollbooth and Knight's Castle. Bug read The Lost Hero and Wizardology. Cricket and I read from Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. She read to me from Ready, Set, Read! They drew pictures, played with clay, wrestled, played with photo editing software at my mom's, and did all the million and one other things kids can think of during long, free, rainy days. Cricket even found some giant worms in the backyard after some of the heavier bursts of rain...

And what did I do while they did all this?

Planned. And started a new (side) job.

I planned the next 12 weeks - the remainder of our "school year"; I planned for summer, and next year. I wrote this post, and then updated it.

I ran all my plans by both M and the kids, and everyone is happy with them! The kids love ancient cultures, and are happy to explore some we haven't really covered before (Asia, India, Americas). I have designed our upcoming studies so that we still have plenty of freedom to adjust things, explore the rabbit trails, and integrate personal interests.

Then we headed out to the beach -- there is nothing like the coast on a rainy, stormy day!

It was a good week, but we're looking forward to digging into prehistory and very intriguing science next week!

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  1. Wow those worms are huge!I am so jealous of your beach pictures. I want to go too!


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