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Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Musings... What Do You Think?

Just looking for feedback on my current plans for upcoming history and science. I still need to nail down a few details, but I think this will allow for a good mix of books, hands-on, and freedom to explore interests.

My plan at the moment for science and history is as follows - I will be requiring them to do A-D each week in each category:

History (still torn on the "spine", down to four choices - Core Knowledge books OR the Rainbow Book of American History OR Builders of the Old World OR K12's Human Odyssey Volume 1). [Note: We'll be watching CNN Student News most days, and reading various "picture" books related to important dates/famous people/events/etc., as well.]

A: A reading (selected by me) to expose them to history topics.

B: A documentary or movie of choice

C: A project of choice. I have this handy-dandy book to help with that., OR they can draw a picture and write something, which I may require anyhow. If it is a simple project, we couold get it done in a day. If not, they can spread it out over a couple of weeks or so.

D: A story to go with history they are interested in. Could be historical fiction, or a vintage book. Just a chapter or two each week.

Science (BFSU, OR Real Science 4 Kids, OR Elemental Science's Biology for Logic Stage)

A: A reading (selected by me) to expose them to science topics. If we go with BFSU, I'll read a library book aloud to both, and then ds11 will read through a corresponding entry in the Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia.

B: A documentary of choice

C: An experiment of choice. I have lots of experiment books on hand. dd9 will have to draw/label a picture of experiments, and ds11 will be keeping a lab book.

D: Nature walk and journaling. Plus regular reading from living nature books.

**What I am visualizing is something like this...**

Day 1: 20 minutes approx. EACH reading from history and science

Day 2: A science project to be done. A history documentary during lunch, or an evening movie.

Day 3: Start work on a history project, or timeline work, or drawing. A science documentary during lunch.

Day 4: A few chapters from a book of their choice for history, and a nature walk with journaling. 

EDITED TO ADD: I love, love, love the look of This Week in History! Thank you Eddie (over at The Usual Mayhem)! I am thinking that it would dovetail very nicely with book suggestions from A Picture Perfect Childhood.


  1. I like your ideas for both......

    I would suggest taking a look at www.tjed.org's "This Week in History" membership. It sounds very similar to what you have in mind but with a lot less legwork for you. M (same age as Cyrus, roughly) is loving it.

    For science, have you looked at Elemental Science? I've been looking at Real Science 4 Kids and Elemental Science and I still can't make up my mind.

  2. You are so organized and I've got... nothing. Well, yet. ;)

    I do want to get my son into more documentaries. The trick, I think, is finding ones that will keep his attention. Nothing too dry, you know?


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