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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

I've been drooling over the World in Ancient Times set from Oxford University Press... debating whether to go through all of them, or select volumes, and what order... but today, the kids solved that one for me We've been listening to Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and both The Boy and The Girl are very interested in the mythology, story background, etc.

So we'll start with ancient Greece! We've done quite a lot in the past with prehistory, Egyptian and Mesopotamian studies, so I think this will be a good follow-up to those. I'll be adding in a lot of mythology stories, in part because The Boy really wants to take the National Mythology Exam this year. I do plan to add in a good version of the Iliad, Odyssey, and all that.

I'd like to follow that up with studies of ancient China, India (a country The Girl is fascinated by), and Rome. Maybe one each quarter of our year? We'll have to see how Greece goes first.

So, if you know of some fabulous resources for ancient Greece, please share!


  1. A a fun extra while studying Greece, my boys really enjoyed the "Odyssey Online: Greece" interactive website from Emory University. It is lovely! Check it out!


  2. I can tell you what we ordered for it for this year.....

    I have the Jim Weiss recording of Greek Myths to listen to in the car.(http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/sku/007911/9dc2f026f319d18ba7cf4d1e)
    I threw this Odyssey/Iliad box set in: http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/sku/010473/9dc2f026f319d18ba7cf4d1e

    These aren't affiliate links, just showing you ones we bought so you can see if your library has them or can get them.

    I also ordered a card game called "Top Trumps: Greek Mythology" that looks like fun, and a book called "Greek Mythology Activities" by Marcia Worth-Baker.

    I have a bunch of notebooking pages, and links to other Greek things, on my desktop. let me know if there's something specific you're looking for and I can dig through and send you what I have if you like.


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