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Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Report... Airshow & More!

I realized I forgot, in all my angst, to post any pictures from the airshow we attended at the beginning of the week, so here you go...

We had a good time, as usual. Definitely not as hot this year as it was last year, which was a relief!

We also read a little more of Landmark Books: The Wright Brothers, finished off Smoky House (which we enjoyed very much), and started The Marvelous Land of Oz.

The kids worked with clay and origami a lot this week, as well as some pastels.

They watched a lot of Mythbusters episodes, the first episode of The Flame Trees of Thika, and Between the Folds (hence the origami).

I started college - graduate school to be precise - this week as well. I was really happy to see someone I knew in my classes, another transplant from Liberal Studies to English! My writing class is not too intensive-looking, though I do still have the monster list to work through by the end of next summer, when I am supposed to pass a one hour oral examination - yikes!

I've gotten about 90% of the materials I have ordered for homeschooling. We're planning to start "officially" the first week of September. And yes, I have a history winner! I finally narrowed it down to a few choices, which I presented to The Boy, since he's my main concern with history, etc., at the moment. I also took to heart the wise words of a friend before approaching The Boy, realizing we do not do well following a rote formula, or a set pattern for what we will study. And equally wise words from another friend, who reassured me that no matter our choice, we'll be fine. Long story short, we will be using any number of vintage books for history over the next year, with the choice of book/topic alternating between the children, but all based off of the Core Knowledge Sequence (solves my worries about "gaps"). We will be doing a Book of Centuries so that they can see how it all fits together. Science has also been at the forefront of my mind... I am not sure how the kids will fare with an entire year of biology. I am thinking of using the Core Knowledge Sequence and BFSU for once a week readings, some hands-on, and interesting discussions, and then having one-two days a week where we can explore other interests, like dissection, which happens to be the main reason the kids agreed to biology!

See? All that stress for nothing!

Other than that, I am working on menu planning again. This is going to be absolutely essential, with college, and with The Boy trying out cross-country track this fall. He has to be at practice two evenings a week, and Saturday mornings, one evening of which immediately precedes The Girl's roller derby practice. M and I have split up the parent volunteer time for track, with M taking Mondays (so I can feed The Girl and get her ready for her practice), and I will have Wednesdays and Saturday mornings. So I've brought out my crock-pot again, and a few crock-pot cookbooks, plus I am re-exploring this site. And when I menu plan, there is the side benefit of keeping within my budget!

And M got all his apparatus removed...

He's now working hard on stretching the muscles back out, and building strength in his now puny arm....

Anyhow, it was a decent week. Nothing terribly exciting, besides the airshow, but nothing traumatic either!


  1. The airshow looks wonderful! Good luck with your studies. I went back to college last year, to complete an English degree. This semester begins on Monday. Here's to both of us reaching our goals!

  2. They look like they had a great time. :)

    Woo - grad school! I hope you have a great year.

    Even though I won't be homeschooling this year (*grumble*), I must prepare for next year. Alas, I've been no help to you in your attempts to plan history, so I hope you've figured out a plan of action.

    Does M have physical therapy now, or is he doing exercises at home? I hope he heals up completely.


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