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Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Report... Where Did the Week Go?

I cannot believe it is Friday already! Another week has flown by, and I know I didn't quite get through my goals for the week...

~ Establishing a routine.... About halfway there
~ Getting my project/experiment book basket set up
~ Switching out some books in my Afternoon Basket
~ Finish cleaning the kitchenand get the living room done (I am deep cleaning one room at a time)
~ Go swimming at a pool with friends!
~ Try to get out hiking again over the weekend, or maybe even mid-week
~ Get geared up for the big airshow that happens around here next weekend!

Well, not too bad, since we did make progress this week! Additionally, we:
~ read from The Wright Brothers
~ finished reading both Smoky House and Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great
~ watched some nature documentaries
~ ate lots of tomatoes and zucchini from our garden
~ had The Boy give The Girl an art lesson
~ decided where to start in history in a couple of weeks!

I also shopped this week, which I generally loathe doing. I had to finally buy some new pants, at M's insistence, having gone from a size 18 at my heaviest to a size 10 now. As a "reward", I also got the bulk of our homeschool shopping done for the year... a new math book for The Girl, some fun history supplements, and a bunch of science equipment from Home Science Tools. We're really looking forward to trying out biology this fall! I consider this purchase a great investment...

Pretty spiffy, isn't it? I'm hoping it will at least get us through the next few years of science - it should!

Anyhow, it has been a good week, though it really went too fast. Next week, we'll work more on adding in subjects/establishing our fall routine, and having some end-of-summer fun naturally. I think more swimming and some blackberry picking are tentatively on the agenda.

Hope you all had a good week too!

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  1. Our microscope we purchased 14 years ago is still going strong and we are loaning it to our Tutoring Center this year for Bio! Good equipment is a blast!


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