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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Update to Yesterday's Drama...

My mom just texted me, and said she was not trying to ignore me yesterday... her phone was dead and she neglected to plug it in. Anyhow, she also said that she will always love me, and everyone needs to find their own path.

I am so, so relieved.

And I finally solved my history and science dilemmas. Once a week, I'll "expose" them to history and science through K12's Human Odyssey and Dr. Nebel's Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding. The rest of the time?
Well, we'll just be going child/interest-led in these areas, with history books like these, and living books for science. I will be "requiring" one science documentary, of their choice, and one history documentary, again of their choice, during each week. I'm making a secondary book basket that will have all our project/experiment books in it, ready for curious minds, and hoping for some good hands-on this year!

For history, the rest of the time, we are going interest-led, using vintage books, documentaries and movies, literature, and so forth. For science, we're going to finally, really give Elemental Science's Biology (logic stage) a good try. The kids are quite excited about it! And with this approach, I can still use this wonderful schedule (switching their Fridays to our Sundays).

I feel tons better today. And thank you all SO much for your kind words yesterday. You all gave me the courage to stick to my guns, and the knowledge that I am not alone in this. It means the world to me.


  1. Woohoo! So glad things are good with your family again.

    I'm still banging my head on the scheduling. So many curricula, so little time.....

  2. That sounds like relief!

  3. Wonderful. Isn't it amazing how strong a negative a silent phone can be?

    Your kind words have helped me many times. Glad to return the love!


  4. Phew! I'm glad it worked out, and really wasn't sure to say yesterday that hadn't already been said. LOL

  5. What a relief! Glad that your Mom was able to communicate with you in a thoughtful way over this.

    The science and history plan sounds refreshingly uncomplicated and beautifully child-led. Congrats on sorting that out. Perhaps I should follow suit and give myself a break!


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